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To become a member, please pay via PayPal or send a cheque / postal order to the Membership Secretary:

Subscriptions are due on 1 April each year and are currently:

  • Individual - £3 per annum in advance
  • Joint Membership - £5 per annum in advance

New members in January to March are members until the following April (eg join January 2014, membership runs until March 2015).  You may also join for more than one year at double the rate.  There is no joining fee; newsletters and meetings are free of charge to members.


We are happy to send our newsletters to home and work email addresses; if you want this, add a second email address below (we will take your main email address as the one you supply to PayPal).

Normal journey
Extra email addresses

Cheque / postal order

Send the following information to our membership secretary:

  • Your telephone numbers (home, work, mobile - as you wish)
  • E-mail address(es) [we are happy to send our emails to both home and work addresses]
  • Details of your normal journey (station to station)
  • A cheque or postal order made payable to APTU

    The Membership Secretary
    Redbourn Lane
    AL5 2LN
    Email the

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